Sunday, December 06, 2009

Why a Loose Diamond is The Perfect Gift

Buying a loose diamond is like walking into a subdivision and having a custom house built from the ground up. You start with a loose diamond and create your dream design. Many jewelry designers, including prominent ones are offering special deals just to help boost the economy. That means instead of ending up with a cookie cutter piece of jewelry, you can have a unique gemstone and setting that can become a family heirloom that is passed on to the next generation and lasts a lifetime. The best place to find a loose diamond is online. You should start your search with some of the top diamond informational sites prior to looking at actual seller’s websites. The reason being is you want to first get unbiased reviews prior to spending any money. Third party reviews from actual buyers tell the actual tale. You get to find out of the company actually delivers as promised. One good place to check out the various jewelers and get unbiased reviews is at If you are considering buying loose diamonds, check out the experts. Start your search by finding a bezel set diamond necklace and surprise her.

Why So Many Women Love The Bezel Set Diamond Necklace

It has been said that the bezel set diamond necklace adds a mysterious allure to a woman’s natural beauty. You can experience this grand glimmer by learning more about the gorgeously designed precious diamond. The bezel set not only guards your gem from loss; it also protects your diamonds from scratches, nicks and unforeseen damage. But above that, the bezel set design magnifies the fiery sparkle of any diamond housed in its protective cocoon. If you’re looking for a precious gem that radiates, you should look no further than this extravagant piece of jewelry.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Can Help You End Your Debt Problem

If you are wrestling with a debt problem and are being hounded by debt collectors, there is a great chance they are violating your rights according to the FDCPA Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If they are, you can sue them and win! If you are not familiar with these powerful laws, the first thing you need to know is that they protect you from the tactics and abuse of debt collectors and debt collection agencies. Just because you owe money doesn’t give them the right to harass, harangue, intimidate abuse or scare you. When they do, the courts have made it clear, they will pay a high penalty. Click here to learn more about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Excellent Get Out of Debt Help

If you are struggling to get out of debt, STOP IT NOW! You shouldn’t have to live your life fearful of answering the phone or picking up your mail due to debt collectors hounding you. Get free debt advice from the Debt Erasure experts and get your life back. Unbeknownst to most Americans there are certain laws, namely, the (FDCPA) Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Debt Collection Statute of Limitation laws and various other state and Federal Laws that protect you. If you want to get out of debt and rebuild your credit, check out the Get Out of Debt Experts.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

8 Signs That You Have a Debt Problem

If the average person could look into the future and see impending dangers coming their way, they’d surely avoid them. When it comes to an impending debt problem, the writing is always on the wall… way before things get out of hand. In this session, I’m going to show you the eight predominate signs that let you know you have or you are definitely headed into the dreaded debt danger zone. Once you learn them, don’t ever ignore them. There are approximately 8 signs that reveal if you have a debt problem. Do you know them?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

5 Facts About Debt Collections Debt Collectors Wished You Didn’t Know

Dealing with debt collectors ranks up there with being one of life's most stressful experiences and combative moments. These tyrants are true works of art. Just recently one rouge debt collector was arrested for filing false liens against 50 or so homeowners. Another one was fined $10.2 million dollars by the FTC for harassing consumers. Amazingly, most Americans have no idea, that even though they may owe money, they still have rights. Debt collectors use that lack of knowledge to trample all over consumers every day. But the tide is changing as more and more citizens are standing up and fighting for their rights! In this session, we’re going to cover five facts about debt collections; debt collectors wished you didn’t know.

Debt Solution 101 - How To Fix Your Debt Problem

If you are seeking to fix your debt problem, you have probably already been bombarded and confused by the numerous companies advertising an endless stream of debt solutions. A quick search on the Internet alone and you will find hundreds of methods, companies claim you can use to solve your debt problem. Around two years ago, a woman was advised to go through a debt settlement program in order to reduce her debts and get her credit score back on track. The only problem was, she wasn't a prime candidate for such a program. Needless to say, she received bad advice. When you are overwhelmed with debt, the last thing you need is bad advice. If you know the facts about debt solutions, you'll never fall for the hype or powerless debt relief programs. The truth is, there are only five ways to solve any debt problem.

Is Debt Consolidation The Best Debt Solution For You?

Are you thinking about using debt consolidation to help adjust your debt load? Are you looking for a debt solution that fits your current financial condition? Are you attempting to lower your payments, cut your interest rates, consolidate all of your bills into payment, or avoid a foreseeable financial collapse? It is possible that debt consolidation may be just what you are looking for. The only way to know is to take an unbiased look at debt consolidation.

Attitude Adjustment is the Key To Solving Your Debt Problem

People ask me all the time, “What is the number one key to solving my debt problem?” Many were expecting me to say something like, debt consolidation, debt elimination, debt counseling and even bankruptcy. But actually, the number one key to solving any debt problem is a person’s attitude. When you make the proper attitude adjustment towards your debt problem, you will tackle it! Let's find out how to get your attitude in check and get out of debt...

The Credit Card Debt Sham Americans Didn’t See Coming

The advertising executives who first launched the Madison Avenue Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for the credit cards companies, can only be described as advertising geniuses. Do you really realize what they accomplished? They overwhelmingly persuaded Americans to take on the “Charge it now and pay for it later” mentality. In the process, they succeeded at seducing the masses into gleefully accumulating burdensome and often backbreaking credit card debt. It was a coup of all coups. When you comprehend what they pulled off, you just may be appalled! It's the Credit Card Debt Sham Americans Didn’t See Coming.

Look For a Generator? Take a Look at The Natural Gas Generator

The Natural Gas Generator is similar in advantages and disadvantages as the propane gas generator. If you live in an area that has natural gas, you would have to agree that natural gas is probably the most reliable and dependable fuel on earth. When was the last time you heard about a natural gas outage? Virtually, the only way to experience an outage is that if there was a catastrophe such as major earthquake or hurricane. That being said, let's take a look at the advantages of having a Natural Gas Generator.

Sir, You Need a Quiet Generator, Now Get That Junk Outta Here!

When Michael J. and his wife headed for the mountains in their newly purchased RV, they had no idea they were about to drive their neighbors crazy and anger a park ranger. The couple bought a portable generator to power their AC, microwave, TV and other items while their RV was parked. But that generator was so loud; they ticked off everyone. It was so bad; someone sabotaged the unit one night. The next morning they got a visit from an annoyed ranger gave them a ticket and two choices; don’t start that unit again while onsite, or pack your RV and leave!

If you are like many people who searched for a portable generator, bought what you thought was a great deal, and then BAM… it happened! You received a warning citation or ticket because your generator was tagged as being too loud. Or even worse, a park ranger ordered you to turn off the generator or leave! You most likely didn’t realize at the time you were shopping, but you actually need a quiet generator.

Friday, November 14, 2008

10 Signs That You Are Headed Into Credit Card Debt Danger

The holidays are quickly upon us and every year around this time we watch families seal their financial doom by drowning themselves in credit card debt. I’ll never forget an incident that happen on December 20th, a few years back, at one of the big chain stores. I was in line waiting to have my items ringed up by a cashier. A husband and wife with three adorable kids were in front of me attempting to pay for their Christmas gifts. They tried to write a check from two different accounts but both were declined. They tried a debit card and it was declined. Apparently, they had been shopping all day and had spent all of their available cash. In an act of shear haste, the wife turned to her husband and said, “We’ll just put this on our credit card.” He reluctantly agreed and even reminded her that they had to pay so and so bills and how couldn’t they afford another bill. Unfazed, she said, “It’s for the kids, we’ll make somehow…” They charged their items, walked out the store and straight into the credit card debt danger zone.

What Some People Are Saying About The Generac Generator

Generac Power Systems is one of the world's largest independent manufacturers of engine-driven generator systems; ranging from 3kW to 2mW. Their generators fit the bill for many situations: industrial, residential, mobile, recreational vehicle, and communications applications. Generac has shown their confidence in the quality and reliability of its equipment by warranting the entire power generation package – engine, alternator, controls, switches, wiring, and other Generac generator parts. Having shared that, see what some customers are saying about their Generac Generator.

More People Are Buying Residential Generators To Be Safe

You may or may not know this, but Residential Generators are being purchased by more and more people. The average family simply cannot afford to be without power, not even for an hour. Remember what happened in the last major blackouts we had in Florida and New York? People who had portable generators were OK. People who had Residential Generators installed were great!

In preparation for a blackout or power outage, you essentially have three options: (1)get a portable generator,(2) have a standby generator installed, or (3)cross your fingers and hope the darkness and power loss only lasts a few minutes.

Although they are much more expensive than a portable generator, the Residential Generator has become the choice for many American homeowners.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Look For These Features When Buying a Portable Generator

In these days and times of heavy storms, hurricanes, lighting strikes, electrical grids that mysteriously go down and power outages, buying a portable generator is no longer a casual purchase. There are certain features you should demand. If you don’t have these features, you could have a very bad experience when you need back-up power the most. Nothing is worse than having the power going out, you race to your generator, set it up, pull the start string and it’s super hard to start, runs inefficiently or worse, WON’T START at all! That why its important that you look for these features when buying a portable generator.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Diamond Watch Buyer Gets Ripped Off Big Time!

He thought he was getting the deal of a lifetime; a genuine Men's Champagne 3ct Channel Set Rolex Day Date Super Presidential Watch valued at 13k for a mere $863.00, plus shipping. When the watch arrived, it looked genuine but Mark had a suspicious feeling because the watch was super, super light, unlike a genuine Rolex watch. To be safe, he set up an appointment to have it appraised by a certified jewelry appraiser who is an authorized Rolex dealer. Turns out the watch he bought for $863.00 was a knockoff that was worth around $15.00.

Mark immediately contacted the company and demanded an authorization code to return the fake diamond watch, but the company informed him that his fifteen days to return the merchandise had expired and there was nothing they could do. This man had just spent $863.00 on a piece of costume jewelry that’s not even worth $20.00. This is happening more and more. Why? Because in our fast paced society, people are not performing simple searches on the companies before they hand over their hard earned money.

One online jeweler,, has purportedly made millions convincing buyers eager for deep discounts to pay top dollar for replicas, imitations and industrial grade diamonds… thinking they are purchasing genuine diamonds and fine jewelry. has received so many complaints from of angry, deceived and dissatisfied customers that the (BBB) Better Business Bureau, gave them an “F” rating. That’s the worse rating a company can receive. Read, Buying Diamonds Online Through With an F Rating?